Int'l Graphics & Design is a Div. of Isaiah Corporation

Speed Matters

Our mobile world greatly impacts the need for web applications to be built in new ways. We focus on making websites efficient, secure and fast loading.

Website Optimization

Responsive Loading

SPEED is extremely important in our mobile world and greatly impacts SEO (search engine optimization). At IGD Technologies, we focus on making websites and web apps efficient, secure and fast loading. This has a huge impact on your online effectiveness… contact us now, you are our focus.

Responsive Web Design

With over 3.5 billion mobile internet users (August 2017 Statistics), it is imperative that websites  look great on all screen sizes. Since well over half of web traffic comes from mobile devices, it is important  that all websites are built for mobile devices as well as for larger screen sizes and traditional computers. It should also be noted that responsive web design is recommended by Google for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).